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What does a visit look like?

Are you wondering what a lactation visit might consist of?

1. Wash my hands

After I arrive at the home I'll introduce myself and bring in my luggage, then I will ask to wash my hands. It's very important to not share my germs with you and the baby!

3. Infant oral assessment

Then I will complete a full oral assessment including: feeling the palate for any abnormalities and the shape of it, suck assessment, tongue movement, frenulum placement and how tight it may be. I will also assess the cheeks and the padding needed for a proper suck. I will look for any mouth trauma or lip blisters as well. I'll make sure the baby has moist/pink mucous membranes, elastic skin, and an overall well appearance.

5. Show me you can do it on the second breast, if baby is willing.

Lets use the new tips and tricks and put them into play. You got this, I'll be here to watch and assist as needed.

2. Set up the scale

Secondly, I will set up my scale if there is any question as to whether the baby is appropriately gaining weight. We will do a pre, during, and post feed weight. We can find out how many ounces/grams the baby is consuming on each breast. I will need a very sturdy surface and I usually ask to use a countertop. The infant scale is a top of the line TANITA, it is very sensitive and most accurate on a sturdy surface.

4. Show me how you feed the baby

I like to see what a normal feed looks like. Tell me what you are feeling. I will watch the latch, discuss tips and tricks. The position or the latch may need to be adjusted, I'll help you with this. We will work through any problems you may be having and then use them on the second breast as well.

Look at the whole picture

We will review all the details and come up with a plan of care together. I will write down notes and give you a copy while I am in the home. I will also write the notes down on your EMR MilkNotes patient portal for your review or to show your provider. If a follow up is needed right away we can schedule in the home, otherwise keep in touch and follow up as needed.

Prior to the IBCLC visit

Scheduling, Payment, and History


After you contact me we will discuss the following items:

- your reason for the visit.

- availability and get a date and time scheduled.

- cost and possible insurance coverage, then payment.

You will then be asked to fill out an electronic medical record to briefly review you and your infant's medical history and your contact information.

Once everything is ready to go I'll see you at our appointment!

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