Crystel Corbin, RN, International Board Certified
Lactation Consultant

The Gold Standard for lactation care

About Me

My name is Crystel. I am a registered nurse and an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant). I am a private practice lactation specialist that travels to see women and families in their homes before and after the birth of their babies. I love to assist women and empower them with knowledge and tools for their breastfeeding journey. I travel throughout the Des Moines area and I reside 30 minutes west of DM, IA.

Not only am I a private practice lactation consultant, I am also a mother- baby nurse in a Des Moines hospital. I have been a nurse since 2009.

I am a mom of two beautiful children, Jack(8) and Elizabeth(5). I attempted to breastfeed Jack right away and took all the hospital classes trying to prepare myself. I believed that I was unable to breastfeed him due to not knowing how much milk he was receiving. I ended up mostly pumping with him. With my daughter I was more informed and more comfortable with my body. I breastfed her for 12 months.

I have always wanted to work with mothers and babies since I was a young girl. When my oldest sister began to breastfeed her first child I began to research more about human milk and found it fascinating.

Mothers milk is perfect for her baby. There is nothing more unique and beautiful then being able to assist with nourishing the mind and body of an infant or toddler.

I don't want anyone to feel lost in this process. Becoming a mother is HARD, breastfeeding is rewarding and sometimes hard, pumping is hard work, bottle feeding is hard work. Is it all rewarding? YES!!  I heard from someone recently that all life is hard, you just have to chose your hard. Work hard for what you want.

Lets talk about your goals, lets look at that latch. Lets make sure baby is adequately gaining weight and having wet diapers and stools. You can do it!

I have a TANITA lactation scale that I bring with me for any weighted feed visits, this scale is so accurate- down to the gram!

I'm here to help!! I will collaborate with the pediatrician, midwife, or family doctor to keep them up to date as well. A report can be sent after our visit to the provider (after your authorization).



Home Visits $100

Whether you are a NICU mom with supply struggles, a new mom needing weight checks for baby, or an established breastfeeding mom with a new nipple or breast concern, I'm here for you! Lets chat. I would love to help you reach your breastfeeding goals!

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Prenatal Consults $100

Lets talk BREASTS!! I'm here to help you feel comfortable with your body and feeding your baby. Education is power! I want you to be prepared and feel comfortable with putting baby to breast.

There are a few necessary items to be prepared with for breastfeeding. What's not really necessary? We can discuss that!

For Wellmark BCBS or Cigna insurance please click on this link for scheduling and billing:

Newborn Photographer

I also own a photography company called CC Photography. I focus mainly on newborn photography, families, and couples sessions. I love all the babies and children!



“She is amazing and has put so much dedication into this breastfeeding passion! So lucky to know her.”

Jeci Wityk