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Community Resources

If you need Lactation help in the Des Moines area I'm your gal, but there's a lot more to growing your family. The list of wonderful resources below will help guide you through your parenting journey.

Doulas in Des Moines Area

1. Nightingale Doula Services

(515) 710-0177

Experienced birth nurses (in and out of hospital) and childbirth educators now serving as Doulas!

Nightingale Doula Services - Your Des Moines Doulas

"I’m truly thankful the Nightingale doulas were part of my birth team."

2. Blessed Births and Beyond, LLC

Pregnancy Care Center

All women should have a doula - emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period for women and their families.

Other wonderful options:

The Iowa Baby Lady 

Katie Nyberg

Pregnancy Care Center

(515) 473-2737

Sweet Beginnings by KAVI

Kimberly Isburg 

Genesis Birth & Massage

Katherine Ward 

Massage Therapy, Labor/Postpartum/Bereavement Doula Services, Childbirth Education




Midwives in Des Moines Area

Pediatric Chiropractors in Des Moines

Contact me and we can discuss your options based on your location and your needs

Sarah Sorvillo, CPM Free Spirit Midwife

Certified Professional Midwife & Herbalist

Phone: 515-612-8575


Des Moines Midwife Collective

3500 2nd Ave Ste 1, Des Moines · (515) 349-0750

Willowsong Midwifery Care

800 19th St, Des Moines · (515) 266-6712

Midwife & Doula Services


1248 39th St, Des Moines · (515) 229-1990

Women Rising Midwifery

4123 University Ave, Des Moines, IA ·

Pediatric Dentists and ENT for frenulectomies

Did we notice a tight frenulum at your appointment? Have you seen your pediatrician in regard to a frenulectomy? They will refer you to a pediatric dentist or an ENT for a revision or an assessment. 

Frenula are normal and most humans have them. Some frenula are tighter than other's and they have a nick name "tongue tie." This does not mean the tongue is TIED. Many parents picture this. Providers also may call this TOT's aka tethered oral tissue. 

Trusted Websites for Lactation 

Check to see if your prescription medications are safe for baby

Research how meds go into human milk 

Everything parenting and breastfeeding

American Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Hospital Lactation Consultants in Des Moines

If you are unable to see me for any reason you can call one of the Des Moines Hospital Lactation Consultants and see if they have any openings. Unfortunately, they are usually booked out about 10 days at least.

Mercy One Hospital Lactation

Mercy One is in the heart of downtown and they have a NICU department.

Methodist Hospital Lactation

Methodist Hospital Downtown offers outpatient lactation visits by appointment, West hospital does not at this time. Methodist has the largest number of lactation consultants for a hospital in the area, pretty impressive. This hospital is also known as UnityPoint Des Moines.


Broadlawns Hospital is partnered with WIC and have many support groups and meetings out there! They also have brand new birthing suites, gorgeous!



Breastfeeding Milestone Items

Breastfeeding Onesies

Eat Local

Coming soon!!!

Support your local dairy farmer

Coming Soon!!!

One Year Breastfeeding Award

Coming Soon!!!

6 month Breastfeeding Award

Coming Soon!!!

Breastfeeding Awards

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