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What you eat VS your breast milk contents

Human milk is made in the back of your breasts from your blood. Yes, thats right. All mammal milk is made from their blood supply. Thats why I like to reiterate that spices that you eat, and gassy foods do not go into your blood supply. Eat what you like!

I always want moms to feel free to eat whatever they want and encourage generally to eat what makes the mom happy. Of course we need nutritious foods but our bodies are amazing in the fact that your nutrition will feed the baby any stored nutrients and proteins to make sure baby has the most healthy diet possible. Our bodies are so incredible!! God has a perfect plan for our babies!

So, if you eat ramen noodles for a few days do not fear, your baby will still get the best nutrition possible from your stored nutrients. They have found that in the poorest of countries, where the moms are mainly eating rice and beans, the moms are still producing perfect milk for their babies. There was no nutrient or calorie deficit in that milk. The same nutritional value as someone who is eating 3 meals a day from Whole Foods.

I am one who truly does not worry about feeding a combination feed of formula and breast milk if moms are wanting this as a part of their breastfeeding/pumping journey. Or even if they truly cannot produce enough milk, and this has been verified by an IBCLC.

The human milk obtained by mothers in the poorest of countries still has benefits over formula. Not just because they do not have access to clean water, or they have little to no water at all (because that is actually a problem in many countries.)

The main part that is missing from the formula is the brain food and the live cells, STEM cells, antibodies, antifungals, Secretory Immunoglobulin A: The secretory Immunoglobulin A antibodies — also known as sIgA — in breast milk are the first line of defense for your baby and help fight off sickness and disease. Lactoferrin: controls the availability of iron. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, and has been known to prevent urinary tract infections. Lysozyme: Another anti-inflammatory, good bacteria. Bifidus Factor: Bifidus factor promotes the growth of good bacteria, or lactobacillus. Alpha-Lactalbumin: provides baby with essential amino acids and helps promote the growth and replacement of cells in the body. Taurine: helps baby’s brain develop.

The stored nutrients will be served to your baby first, breast milk is made perfectly for your little one. Just try to eat enough food for you both to feel good and thrive!

Crystel Corbin, RN, IBCLC

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