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B.O.O.B. Camp vs 1:1 Prenatal Consultations

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Would you rather attend B.O.O.B camp online and take notes for hours? Or would you like to meet with me in the comfort of your home and discuss all the ins and outs of preparing for your baby, breastfeeding, bonding, things you might need to buy, and the golden hour after delivery.

I'm starting a new abbreviation for meeting with me in your home.

Birth Possibilities Optimizing Golden Hour On Demand Bonding

Not only am I a parent of two, but I have also had to learn the hard way how to breastfeed, bottle feed, supplement, increase my breast milk supply, juggle working full time, and while owning two small businesses.

We will discuss the birth plan, what may happen when your birth plan doesn't go as planned. When to get help for lactation, what to do right after birth that will help you with your entire nursing journey. Hopefully we can prevent nipple trauma and large changes in the baby's weight. I will help you with all things pumping, make sure you have the right size flange in case you need to supplement, and discuss breast milk storage. I will give you information that has helped me and give you an open line for communication. I also have breastfeeding support groups in Dexter and flange fittings in Dexter or Adel, Iowa.

Please contact me for a prenatal lactation visit!

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